Sam Tomkins explains why Mikey Lewis didn’t have a HIA after red card

In yesterday’s Challenge Cup semi-final between Wigan Warriors and Hull KR, there is no getting away from the fact the Joe Shorrocks red card was the big decision.

Shorrocks had just come the field as a substitute and wanted to make his mark with a big hit on Mikey Lewis.

He hit him with a full blooded challenge. Liam Moore waved play on until Lewis struggled to get up prompting a look from video referee Ben Thaler who spotted contact with the chin of Lewis which therefore constituted a red card due to “direct contact with the head.”

Lewis dusted himself off and saw out the game leading many to question why he wasn’t substituted under Head Injury Assessment rules.

Sam Tomkins has explained why:

“A lot of people asking why the player didn’t go for a HIA after the red card. An on field decision is made by the referee. A head injury assessment is the decision of medical staff. A penalty doesn’t mean a compulsory HIA the same way that a HIA doesn’t dictate a penalty.”

Interestingly though, it was something raised by Matt Peet after the game.

“I don’t think I’m going to make any comment on it to be honest. It is a big call in a big game.

“I don’t know how if the player is that dazed, I don’t know how he stays on after a head injury assessment.

“The referee makes the call, it is what it is.”

When asked about Joe Shorrock’s reaction he said:

“He’s upset and confused, a partisan crowd, a referee from Wigan who feels under the spotlight.

“We just have to be better and deal with it.”

He was also asked if a different official should have been appointed:

“I am not commenting on that, it was a massive call and I wonder if that was a sin bin would everyone say it should have been a red.

“It was a big call to make, that and Mikey Lewis didn’t get checked out even though he was staggering all over the place.

“If that was our player we would have brought him off.”

Now Wigan have to focus on Super League whilst Hull KR go all guns blazing for the Challenge Cup against Leigh Leopards.