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Sam Tomkins claims controversial Mitchell Pearce try wasn’t double movement


Catalans Dragons extended their lead to 16-8 via a controversial Mitchell Pearce try in which many have called for it to be disallowed due to double movement.

After a superb offload in the middle of the field, the always dangerous Mitchell Pearce got the ball and dummied. He looked to squirm over the line but Leeds cover came across and hit the halfback as he went for the line with the halfback headed for the post pad.

Pearce looked short but got up and celebrated the try thus Liam Moore sent the decision up to the video referee having seen the ball touch the white of the try line.

Video referee Marcus Griffiths took his time to watch the try where to the fans at Headingley it seemed that Pearce had been stopped short.

However, Griffiths ruled that Pearce’s momentum had not stopped and that the ball had then got to the line with the try awarded.

Speaking at half time Catalans star Sam Tomkins on punditry outlined the laws of the game revolving double movement, before then dissecting the actual event.

“That said there’s a few grey areas. If this had been called a try or a no try there’d be arguments both ways.

“I think the fact that Sam Lisone, the guy tackling around the legs, is pulling him towards the line means Mitchell Pearce can plonk the ball down.

“Now if this was given no try I’d understand, after his elbow is down he gets pulled up.”

Adam Hills then clarified: “If there was no one touching him, you’d call that a double movement but the fact someone is pulling him he couldn’t really stop himself?”

“The momentum was always going, I think it’s a lot easier to watch those decisions in full speed. When you slow things down you can probably pick a fault in every try in the game but at full speed you’d lean in favour of a try.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Eric Johnson

    March 25, 2023 at 3:57 pm

    Catalans will always get the benefit of the doubt, they are a good side now. They don’t need any help ( unless they are scared the French fans will burn the stadium down )

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