Sam Tomkins admits it would be “brilliant” if Samoa won the World Cup as he praises Australia vs New Zealand

England skipper Sam Tomkins had to deal with a heart breaking defeat to Samoa at the Emirates in the Rugby League World Cup semi-finals.

He was forced to watch as Stephen Crichton’s drop goal sailed between the uprights to send Samoa to the final and leave England broken hearted as he missed out on the World Cup Final

Despite this, Tomkins had the class to admit it would be brilliant to see Samoa win the World Cup as they head to the final against Australia at Old Trafford next week.

“It would be brilliant,” Tomkins said of Samoa winning the World Cup, “New Zealand against Australia is the best game of rugby I have seen for a long time.

“Tong and Samoa with what they’ve done over the last few years with players playing for their home land, it has opened up international rugby and I think it can only be a positive.”

He also shed some light on the dressing room atmosphere after the game: “Not a lot has been said yet, there was a lot of effort out there, but today was an example that effort alone not being enough. We’ll get into the reasons why another day.”

He ultimately felt that it was mistakes that cost England: “We’ll be talking about the errors and the mistakes we made. A team like that you can’t give opportunities to both with and without the ball.

“There’s a lot of disappointed men in that room and that disappointment won’t go away.”

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