Sam Burgess’ slammed by ex-wife as stunning rugby league return is on the horizon

Sam Burgess has been in the media eye throughout and after his career in rugby league.

A real enforcer on the field for the South Sydney Rabbitohs, his personal life has been rocked by claims of domestic violence – which were later thrown out by police – as well as drug and alcohol abuse.

Burgess most recently starred on reality TV program SAS Australia, winning the show and becoming the only contestant to pass the final hurdle, whilst his business empire is set to grow even further after he was involved in a $38 million deal for a waterside hotel in Sydney.

After previous claims made by Sam that their relationship was doomed from the start, Phoebe Burgess has now spoken out.

“I don’t think that he thought a marriage ending was that big of a deal because every relationship around him had ended,” she told Perth Now.

“I couldn’t give you an exact moment, all I can say … it’s that analogy of the frog.

“You throw a frog in boiling water it’s going to scream. If you turn the heat up slowly, it stays there.

“I wish I was listening to what my body was telling me.”

Phoebe broke down when revealing that Sam’s cheating was only known to her when she was travelling around the country with their daughter, watching his games with England.

“I was so sucked in – I was the ultimate defender of my husband,” she added.

“I believed that he had been made a victim.

“And then came the night where the next woman had decided she was going to tell her story as well, that my husband had had an affair while he was captaining England in 2017, while I was travelling around the country with our daughter to watch his games.

“And that night, that night broke me.”

Her emotional statement comes at a time when the NRL investigation into Burgess’ case is likely to near its end, which could propel a sensational return for the ex-forward back into NRL coaching, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Burgess could step into the cauldron straight away at Souths, though he is keen to reward friend and Souths owner Russell Crowe by coaching the Orara Valley Axemen in the local leagues next year.

Abdo has since revealed just how close the NRL are to finding a conclusion to the investigation.

“Obviously the police have made an announcement that they are not taking any criminal action against him,” Abdo said.

“We now have to conclude our investigation which involves getting that information and then we will be in a position to finalise that. I don’t believe there are too many outstanding elements to that so it is something we would like to bring to a close.”

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John Allanson snr
10 months ago

Good luck Sam didnt she get enough of your money money is the root of all evil good luck sam