Sam Burgess savagely mocked by SAS directors

He may be one of the most important rugby league players in the modern era, but Sam Burgess still can’t get away from one particular part of his body.

Sam, 32, had shared a picture of himself whilst starring in the reality TV program SAS Australia with the caption: “Leadership… It comes in all shapes and sizes.

My take. Do, and you may ask to do. Listen whole heartedly, feel with your heart, protect with your life. Most of all – get the job done!”

But one of the Directing Staff (DS), Jason Fox, savagely brought Burgess back down to life, commenting: “I’ll tell you what else comes in all shapes and sizes… #noggin.”

Ant Middleton had already taken the chance to mock the former NRL and Super League forward at the beginning of the show, asking: “What the f**k has happened to your head?”

Burgess responded in a calm and collected manner: “Played sport for… 14, 15 years. Rugby League, pretty physical game so, took a few knocks.”

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