Sam Burgess gives huge admission as ex-wife hits out

Sam Burgess’ ex-wife Phoebe has hit back against the former South Sydney Rabbitohs star following his confession on the recent episode of SAS Australia.

Sam admitted on the reality TV show to fellow challenger Jana Pittmann that the couple weren’t right for each other, with mum Julie convinced the relationship would never work.

After Jana asks how they met, Sam responds: ‘At a concert, and I never go to concerts. We were just not meant for each other’.

Sam said he pursued the relationship with Phoebe, 32, despite his concerns because he wanted to live the dream life.

‘I was trying to force things – I wanted a family, I wanted kids, I wanted the dream, the house… I got it, had it all,’ he says in the shock episode.

‘There were a few things I knew weren’t quite right, but I thought I could change that and help that, mend that… I couldn’t do it.’

Sam then remembers calling his mother two years into the couple’s marriage and asked her: ‘Is this right?’

She was like ‘Sam, you’re just never going to make her happy. I don’t know how you’ve done two years,” he explains to Jana.

‘I said, “I’ve got my kids, what am I supposed to do?” – I didn’t know what to do.’

However, Phoebe has since responded, writing a social media post alongside photos with the form

‘We come in a pack of 3,’ wrote Phoebe, alongside a series of photos of her with the children she and Sam share.

The former WAG continued, ‘I can’t actually remember the last time i was by myself – for longer than a bathroom break that is ….. & even then it’s a total mission to sneak away’.

‘We wake up together, we go to sleep together and everything in between’.

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