Sam Burgess’ ex-wife reveals damning club and NRL secrets

Phoebe Burgess has once more addressed ‘secrets’ that involved ex-husband Sam and his former club South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Phoebe blasted the NRL for not doing enough to address Sam’s drinking and drugs problem and help him get better.

“There were things that the club knew that I didn’t,” Phoebe said. “I was kept in the dark in my own marriage.

“I want to challenge some very powerful people to look at their own behaviour, to look at the way they handled the situation, the role they played in all of this.”

Phoebe, in a video interview for The Weekend Australian, added: “I spoke to someone in the NRL the other day and said, I have been quiet a really long time. I’ve been almost complicit. I’ve actually been helping you do what you do.

“I’ve been there. I’ve heard things that are wrong and said nothing. I’ve helped make things go away, I’ve helped the cover-up narrative, I’ve been there for the toxicity. I’ve seen it. It’s not working for you and I’m not going anywhere.”

She has received a great deal of support for going out on a limb to try and raise the issues that she and Sam went through.

The 32-year-old re-posted one message on Tuesday morning calling her interview “brilliant and courageous”, and also highlighted another post that said: “Phoebe Burgess got publicly shamed for her ex-husband’s misdeeds. He got a shot at redemption.”

One Instagram post also read: “Thank you for being so courageous for so many women, and for those of us who have been threatened or discarded by high profile humans and their web of enablers, that fiercely protect them in order for the ‘show to go on’.”

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