Sam Burgess’ ex-wife references ‘secrets’ in explosive interview

Former South Sydney Rabbitohs star Sam Burgess has not been able to get out of the news recently.

After winning the reality TV program SAS Australia, Burgess found himself thrust ever more into the limelight as ex-wife Phoebe continued to tell her side of the messy story following their divorce.

The 32-year-old then had his police case of domestic violence thrown out, with the separate NRL investigation also set for its conclusion before the end of 2021.

That will set the ball rolling for a remarkable return to coaching in the NRL for Burgess who was all set for a post at the Rabbitohs before the police and NRL investigation.

But, Phoebe continues to tell her story and referenced her public struggles in an Instagram post.

The 32-year-old published a quote from columnist Nikki Gemmell, which stated: “Keeping men’s secrets. Women are used to that. And to not being believed when we voice them.”

For Phoebe, despite being divorced from Sam, continues to take his name and told the Daily Mail just why.

“Let’s go back to the day after I was married and look at the decision I made with somebody to change my name, change my identity for the rest of my life,” she said.

“And then let’s go back to the day I decided to give birth to my kids. My stretch marks aren’t going anywhere. I’ve got a lot of scars from the things that I sacrificed along the way, and I’m keeping them because it’s who I am now.”

Phoebe then revealed her desire to keep the name Burgess is down to her children, though her passport and email have her maiden name Hooke on there.

“I drop my kids off to school every day, and I’ve got a big sign on my car that says Burgess, and we are three Burgesses because that’s their name, so I deserve to be the same name as my kids,” Phoebe continued.

“I’m choosing to own it a little bit. This is my story. It’s where I’ve come from.

“And they were decisions I made with a really full heart at that time. And it’s almost like wearing those scars with a bit of pride.

“It’s almost like Phoebe Burgess. 2.0. And that can be whatever I want it to be.”

Sam has recently returned to Sydney after globetrotting with friend and Souths owner Russell Crowe.

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gregory jarjoura
gregory jarjoura
1 year ago

gregory jarjoura
gregory jarjoura
1 year ago

Who cares? Perhaps Sam’s Ex-Err Indoors should try raising children in countries savaged by illegal extraterratorial US Sate Department sanctions such as Cuba and Venezuela, countries that have done absolutely no wrong. Try raising children when you are prevented from inporting various necessities or clothing uniforms for the children to wear to school. Cuba has developed into a sporting and medical powerhouse witha highly capable industrial base and this is the response form the “civilised world”.