Salford Red Devils star Joe Burgess takes brutal dig at Sky Sports pundit Jon Wilkin

Sky Sports pundit Jon Wilkin has made a reputation for himself in recent seasons for his outspoken views live on air.

During Castleford Tigers’ live game against Warrington Wolves earlier in July, Wilkin attracted the ire of Salford Red Devils fans with his comments on the club’s chances of reaching the Super League play-offs.

“They’re flimsy,” Wilkin said live on air.

“They can attack their way out of trouble to a certain extent but there’s got to be a point where you have some steel and backbone and I just don’t see Salford having any backbone.

“If you look at the fixtures (they’ve got) Warrington, Hull and Castleford, how big are they because they’re the teams in the mix.

“It’s a big end to the season for Salford but I just don’t think they have the minerals to get it done.”

That being said, Salford have shown they have some incredible minerals running through their side with victories over Catalans Dragons and St Helens – the latter in particular in impressive fashion in a 44-12 hammering.

And, for winger Joe Burgess – who registered another two tries in the win – he couldn’t resist a brutal dig at Wilkin, as well as waxing lyrical about spending his time outside in-form center Tim Lafai.

“It’s really enjoyable at the minute. I’ve been repeating myself all year how good a set of lads it is. To do that against St Helens just shows one to 17 have a massive set of minerals,” Burgess said.

“I’ve not enjoyed my rugby more than I am right now, in years. Playing with Tim, he’s up there as the best centre I’ve played with in my career.”

For the Red Devils, that emphatic win lifted them back into fifth place in the Super League table to just two points behind the Castleford Tigers who experienced a horrible home drubbing against Wakefield Trinity.

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8 days ago

Used! to rate Jon Wilkin very highly as a player! then I felt he had what it would take to be CEO of the RFL, but sadly he has caught that serious disease, being a ‘Barry & Terry’ copycat, warping on about everything, but really nothing? I feel for the main commentator, as he can hardly get a word in! does the Sly Sports producer, not listen, if he did, I’m sure he would tell them to ‘Shut Up’ more, I turn the sound down in frustration. but that defeats what a commentary team should be all about.I sat with the superb football commentator, Clive Tyldesley, who I worked with, when he covered a Great Britain Test Match for the independent radio network, his first ever rugby league match, and he put what we have and have had commentating to shame! he was so professional! Barry & Terry as well… Read more »

8 days ago
Reply to  Jay

The real problem is Barry and Terry are also agents for certain players, so they sing their praises and nobody else. Barry is the agent of Oledzski and he never shuts up about him when Leeds play etc etc etc and Terry is the same with Pearce-Paul and Pryce etc.

8 days ago

Wilkins is an absolute joke of a pundit, easily the worst Sky has ever had, and I include Phil Clarke in that.

He solely pushes everything Sky tell him, and nothing else, remonstrating against everything real fans actually like.