Salford Red Devils make alternative Super League promotion video

The Super League promotional video launched on Tuesday night, but one particular fanbase wasn’t too happy.

Salford Red Devils supporters noted that they did not have much representation in the advert and, as such, the club has launched their own hilarious alternative.

As a bit of fun, the Red Devils Twitter page announced their promo with teases all night, before tweeting: “A few comments about not enough Salford in the promo. As a bit of fun, we’ve cut a new version just for Salford fans.”

It went down well, with most people realising that it was done tongue-in-cheek in response to Super League’s own.

Meanwhile, the 2022 Super League is one of the most anticipated competitions for a good few years.

There seems to be an electric buzz around the UK and France over the new season after two years plagued by COVID-19 and that is being felt from the top of the sport right down to the grassroots.

And, with Super League’s own promotional video, that excitement continues to grow.

Watch the video below:

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