Salford Red Devils “can smell a trophy” according to Director of Rugby

In the last few years Salford Red Devils have defied the odds to get within touching distance of a major trophy losing the 2019 Grand Final, the 2020 Challenge Cup Final and the 2022 Super League semi-final.

But can the Red Devils kick on and deliver that trophy. Director of Rugby Ian Blease believes a trophy is coming as he said to Roar:

“I can smell a trophy. This year more than any time, I’m quite chilled out about winning. It’ll come when you’ve done the right work. If you work hard as an individual and as a group, you get your rewards. This group is a hard-working group and I can smell it.

“We might have a limit, but that doesn’t stop us trying. We were close last year and with the brand of rugby that Paul (Rowley) has them playing, we’ll continue next year.

“God bless us, we like to take a risk but we like to be intelligent.”

He also revealed he would not change his philosophy even if the Red Devils had plenty of cash:

“Even if we had a backer I wouldn’t change what we do now. I’d love an all-singing, all-dancing recruitment system and database – I’ve heard from the Melbourne Storm about theirs and it sounds fantastic – but at this moment, it’s not what we have. I wouldn’t change what we do due diligence-wise on players. That’s what we’ve had the success that we have.

“I don’t know what happens at richer clubs – I’m sure other clubs must do that, they have to. It is difficult to say what others do compared to us, but I wouldn’t change the philosophy.

“The players have got to be a great human, and obviously, a great rugby player. They might have had some issues but we can straighten them out because we’re good people and we’ll help them out.

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