Salford boss Richard Marshall bemoans his side’s “lack of respect for the game, the ball and referee” in Leeds loss

Salford succumbed to their tenth loss of the season against Leeds, going down 38-16.

But, Red Devils head coach Richard Marshall heavily criticised his side’s ill-discipline once again.

“I don’t think it’s psychological; I think it’s a lack of respect for the game, the ball and referee,” Marshall said.

“I’ve never seen someone answer the referee back and make him change his decision – I want the lads to know when they get out there that it’s ‘yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir’.

“Our discipline has cost us the game and thats what seems to happen when we play Leeds.”

Marshall was also disappointed with his side’s start as Salford were down 20-0 at half-time, only to rally in the second period.

“We’re disappointed, we didn’t start well at all – we lost the ruck speed and conceded 20 points in that first-half.

“That’s the frustrating thing, we had it in glimpses in the second-half – the score was 18-16 in the second-half and we had a real good fight.

“We played a little bit freer and played better with 11 players than 13 which isn’t ideal at all.”

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