Rugby Union reportedly to copy Super League rule “to speed up game”

In the eyes of many, the advantage rugby league has over rugby union is the speed of the game.

However, as rugby league minds like Wigan Warriors legends Andy Farrell and Shaun Edwards and Leeds Rhinos legend Kevin Sinfield have an impact upon the sport, union is edging closer to the speed of league and that is set to become even more the case if the sport copies one of the rules in Super League.

In recent years, Super League has sped up considerably with the introduction of rules like the six again and the end of ruck penalties.

Another new rule in the sport designed to speed things up is the shot clock.

This was introduced to ensure clubs couldn’t waste time at scrums and at goal line drop outs.

Teams have 35 seconds to ensure the scrum is fed or the drop out is taken otherwise a penalty will ensue.

This has led to some controversial moments in the past but has put an end to any potential time wasting.

Now rugby union is set to emulate this rule according to BBC Sport.

The rule will come into force at scrums, line-outs and shots at goal and will come into force ahead of their world cup.

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Robert Owen
Robert Owen
2 months ago

Union has a long way to go. The number of stops for injury. The need to lower the number of subs.