Rugby Union now as good to watch as ‘one up’ Super League says ex-player

Martin Gleeson played for a number of Super League clubs scoring one of the greatest Grand Final tries ever as Wigan Warriors ended their 12 year wait for the title in 2010.

However, he has recently been working for England Rugby Union before a shake up ahead of the Six Nations which saw Leeds Rhinos legend Kevin Sinfield take the role of Defence Coach after impressing with Leicester Tigers.

Now Gleeson is ready after this experience to be a Head Coach saying on the Out of Your League podcast: “Not yet. In a couple of years (I want to be a head coach) – three or four years maybe, but just not quite yet.

“I want another crack somewhere as an attack coach – put my stamp on it and put my ideas out there.

“I’ll always play a way that suits the players I’ve got and try and get the best out of the group that I’ve got.”

However, it seems like he is ready to stay in Rugby union saying that he was bored to tears by a Super League game saying rugby union is better to watch than league:

“Probably Union. You get s**t games in both codes. Like I watched a Super League game a couple of weeks ago and I was bored to tears.

“If you do the counter argument to what league fans always say about union, which is they always kick all the time, in league now it’s often one up carry times five and then the kick.

“You can have good and bad games in both. You won’t see any better attack in both codes than what France produced against England in the Six Nations on the weekend.

“The way they passed, offloaded and kicked – it was unbelievable.”

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3 days ago

Got to agree the new RL rules have forced teams to play the percentage game. Keep possession and pressure the opponents in their own half. 5 drives and a bomb, its pointless kicking for touch as you have no chance of getting possession. Un contested scrums any where on the pitch. 6 again the worst rule ever in my oppinion just re-enforces these tactics.

Not sure about the R U comparison, but many times as I am watching on TV I get bored and switch it off.

Graham Codd
Graham Codd
2 days ago

Who is he kidding? With the “wonderful” pushover tries and ghastly rucks rugby union is rucking awful.