Rugby League World Cup Final posts bigger attendance than Fifa World Cup opener

The FIFA Football World Cup kicked off yesterday with controversial hosts Qatar playing Ecuador in the opening fixture.

The South American team cruised to victory with a routine 2-0 win as Qatar became the first host nation to lose their opening game.

The recorded attendance for the fixture came in at 67,372 with that number dropping dramatically as the game progressed with the local losing faith in their team.

The attendance figure was less than that of the Rugby League World Cup final which was recorded at 67,502.

With no home nation taking part in either the Mens or Womens final at Old Trafford, the figure was positively high and highlighted how important international rugby actually is.

A lot was made around the attendances throughout the full tournament with ticket prices stated as one of the reasons attendances weren’t as high as anticipated.

But the final produced a figure which the sport can be proud of and after the opening game of the football World Cup, high level international rugby league can bring in fans in large numbers.

The success of nations like Samoa and Tonga have meant the sport can bring in a bigger international calendar with more nations ready to create a competitive competition.

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