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Rugby league structure update as plans shelved

There will be no change to the current structure between Super League, the Championship and League 1 for the 2022 season.

The planned restructure – which was originally planned for the 2023 season – will now be pushed back to 2024.

That means not only will the 2022 season have promotion and relegation between all three leagues, but so will 2023, with one team being relegated from Super League and one promoted.

The Championship will remain the same with two sides getting promoted and another two getting relegated to League 1 whilst two League 1 sides will be promoted.

It’s been widely touted that the structure will be two leagues of ten to form Super League and Super League II, with Ralph Rimmer previously stating that discussions were necessary a fortnight ago.x

“There’s a massive amount to discuss about structure, you can’t get away from all the nuts and bolts of this,” Rimmer told The Last Tackle podcast.

“There’s a will to put this sport in the right place and I’m very grateful to our Super League colleagues for that and we’ve got enough momentum to put us in a winning place.”

Rimmer is keen to stress that the sport is getting back to a good place and that exciting news is on the way.

“There should be a positive announcement by Christmas,” Rimmer said.

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