Rugby League star accused of drunkenly punching car, setting fire to his legs

Rugby League mistake

Former NRL star Michael Jennings has been accused of drunkenly punching a car and setting fire to his legs, a court has heard.

Jennings has also denied verbally abusing his ex-wife despite a court hearing text messages in which he was accused of launching a directly disgusting barrage of abuse.

Ex-wife Kirra Michelle Wilden has accused Jennings of abusing and raping her “five or six times” from 2010 until their divorce in 2016, accusations which have been vehemently denied by the former NRL three-quarter.

Ms Wilden’s barrister Jeremy Morris read out text messages in court in which Ms Wilden accused Mr Jennings of getting drunk, punching a car, setting fire to his legs and calling her a “f***ing c**t”.”

“Don’t call me a f***ing c**t and tell me I’m ruining your life and think it’s okay,” she said in the text message from 2013.

“Don’t message me.”

Jennings replied: “When did I say that?”

Wilden continued: “Last night. I’m over it, I’m not putting up with it anymore.

“You were acting crazy, punching the car and burning your leg hair off.

“I’m not putting up with it?”

Despite being accused by his former wife, Jennings is not facing a criminal trial over the rape accusations, but he is being sued in civil proceedings with Wilden seeking damages for personal injuries.