Ex-Wigan and Leeds legend handed suspended prison sentence after dog attack

Andy Gregory did so much during his playing career,

The scrum-half played for Widnes, Warrington, Wigan, Illawarra, Leeds and Salford.

He was part of Wigan’s amazing period of success in the late 80s and early 90s.

He also made nearly 30 appearances for Great Britain.

But now Gregory has been handed a 16 month suspended sentence and ordered to pay £1000 in compensation after he admitted at Bolton Magistrates’ Court yesterday to having a dangerous dog out of control.

The Daily Mail reported that the dog: “Mauled a dog walker as he [Gregory] stood by and did nothing.”

According to the Daily Mail, the prosecutor said:

‘The dog made its way towards him and Mr Derbyshire quickly picked up his own dog. At this point the defendant’s dog jumped up at him, biting him on the back, lower leg and calf.’

Meanwhile, Gregory’s representative stated:

‘He rejects the idea that Georgie is aggressive. You will also see this from the wealth of references made about both Georgie and him by friends and family. He now gets up at 5am every morning to walk Georgie and makes sure he is on a short lead.”

‘He has found his first experience of criminal justice confusing and alien. He lost his job as a site manager as a result of this incident.

‘Him and his wife Nicola, who is sat in court today, are considering leaving the area where they have built a life. He has no income at present and is indebted to a number of people. He is not in receipt of universal credit and is supported financially by his wife.’