Rugby league fan banned for life after bizarre shoe incident

Yes, you read that correctly.

A rugby league fan has been banned for life after a bizarre shoe incident left him at the liberty of club officials.

It occurred at the New Zealand Warriors’ massive 42-18 win over the Canterbury Bulldogs over the weekend, with 31-year-old Calley Gibbons being marched out of Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland after drinking his pint of beer from his shoe – or a ‘shoey’ in modern language.

Gibbons has been nicknamed ‘Roger ShoeyVasa-Sheck’ after being hailed by fellow fans for the incident.

The ban for life incident has been frowned upon by Warriors fans with 3000 of them signing a petition in a bid to get Gibbons back in the stadium.

Gibbons himself spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald about the incident, believing he was unfairly targeted.

“I was evicted from the stadium and the security guard escorted me out and told me I had a lifetime ban,” Gibbons told the Sydney Morning Herald. “Your guess is as good as mine as to why I was kicked out. It’s just wrong. I told them I had purchased the beer from the venue, I was not intoxicated and it was my choice as to how I consumed the beer.

Gibbons added: “I’m not sure if one particular security guard had it in for me. He told me, ‘You won’t be coming back here in this lifetime’.”

Despite being evicted from the stadium, Gibbons continued his drinking exploits outside of Mount Smart, admitting he did more ‘shoeys’ on his celebratory night.

“I’d only done the one shoey. At least I got one good shoey in. I went to a bar and did a few shoeys every time the Warriors scored.”

The popular bricklayer wasn’t charged by police for the incident as fans worldwide call for his reinstatement as a fan to the stadium.

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