Rugby league agent fears consequences from Featherstone Rovers and Leigh Centurions signing race

Featherstone Rovers and Leigh Centurions are battling for a Super League spot at the end of the 2022 Championship season.

Both have spent heavily in the past year in a bid to earn that place in the top flight with the likes of Mark Kheirallah joining Featherstone and Blake Ferguson signing for Leigh.

For the leading player agent in the UK – Show Me The Money – Craig Harrison, he is not a fan of the big spending as it hurts his own players’ development.

“We’ve got young lads there and that will affect the likes of Luis Roberts and Morgan Smith,” Harrison told The Full Eighty Minutes.

“I wish they would carry on an develop their own, I’m not into a quick fix – I learnt my lesson years ago and it doesn’t work.

“One club is going to be overjoyed and the other will be like Bradford in that play-off game when they walked off knowing that some bodies would not be there and having to start again.

“They will bring in the next load of Australians and start again – if it becomes a fest between those two then there will be a loser and a winner and rugby league needs to win.”

Featherstone and Leigh will go head to head in what promises to be an incredible clash in June.

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Paul Loveley
Paul Loveley
1 month ago

Morgan Smith should never of left York, they stood by him through his ACL injury and wanted him to stay as a main part of the team.