Rohan Smith says there’s “no consistency” with Six Again rule after defeat to Hull FC

Leeds Rhinos came up short tonight despite dominating the game against Hull FC in the middle of the field especially in terms of ruck speed.

However, Leeds weren’t rewarded as many six agains as you might expect from their dominance.

Rohan Smith hinted at this in his press conference when he said: “Some of the things that you win, you don’t get rewarded for.”

When asked directly ‘should Leeds have had more six agains?’ Smith initially responded with: “What do you think?”

He then provided his own assessment on the rule in general:

“There’s no consistency, I watched yesterday’s game as well there were a lot a lot of flops, and second efforts and good ruck speed not being rewarded.

“If that’s how we’re going to adjudicate the game, then we will have to find another game.”

When it was said to him that his uncle Tony Smith, the opposition coach tonight, shares the same view, Smith explained that most coaches are confused by it and that there has been no feedback from the RFL:

“Ask him tonight and see what he thought. I’m sure all coaches could pick some that they think could be going their way, I’m not sure if any coaches can look and say that should have been, I’m up there going oh that could have been.

“I don’t know who to talk to there. They contact us, ask for feedback and you never hear back.

“That wasn’t the reason tonight. They’re generally handling the big moments where the crowd roars. But offside and the ruck is interesting.”

When it was put to him that it was a problem for Super League, he said:

“I’m not going to comment anymore.”

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