Rohan Smith says referees influence the “spectacle” of games

Many have suggested that the arrival of warm weather could suit Leeds Rhinos and the exciting brand of rugby Rohan Smith likes to play.

Ahead of a huge clash with St Helens this week, Smith addressed this notion.

“I think when we’ve had good surfaces, even on wet nights, we’ve still played well. But certainly, I don’t think the surface hurts us, that’s for sure,” he said.

“There’s plenty of other teams that also want to play in those conditions as well. It’s hard to know whether it favours over an opposition, but for us we’re certainly happy to play on Headingley as often as we can.”

When it was put to him that the weather can improve the spectacle, he agreed and said so can the referee:

“Yeah I think there’s multiple things that influence the spectacle, the weather, the surface and the referee.”

Smith has been vocal about his opinion on the six again rule underlining that he feels it is “inconsistent” after Leeds’ Challenge Cup exit against Wigan Warriors.

Smith also gave an assessment on young Leon Ruan after he returned to the 21-man squad this week:

“Yeah it’s been a good process, process he’s had a terrific preseason got a lot of game time in the in the friendlies he’s had a few championship games and some reserves games and he’s training hard so he’s yeah he’s not too far away from being selected given that we’re we’re down a few down a few forwards at the moment which is you know.”

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