Rohan Smith highlights controversial decision after Wigan Warriors defeat

Leeds Rhinos were battered by Wigan Warriors yesterday suffering one of their worst defeats in Super League history.

Jake Wardle ran in a career first hat trick against the Rhinos as Leeds were blown away by a red hot Wigan side who returned to the top of the league.

It all but ended Leeds’ hopes of making the play offs with the race with Warrington Wolves, Hull KR and Salford Red Devils now looking down to a three horse race.

One key moment however in the defeat was a controversially awarded Wigan try and this was highlighted by Rohan Smith after the game on YouTube:

“It’s clearly disappointing. The players have put a lot of effort in today. The opening period was a good arm wrestle. We got beaten to the punch a bit on a couple of kick plays, a video ref one that went a long way – and there were a lot of replays on that one.

“We were second best against a very, very strong Wigan team. There are a lot of players in our group that are doing their best for the team at the moment. They’re trying hard playing out of position or more minutes than expected.”

On Sky Sports, Smith added:

“We weren’t good enough with possession and got beaten to the bouncing ball and were put on the back foot.

“We had a lot of young players today and it is very difficult to play against a red hot team like that.

“It will be tough to get back up from that. We have to focus on the next two fixtures.”

Asked about the club’s play off hopes, Smith said: “I’d imagine it is over. I’ve not had a look yet.

He did say the Rhinos were good in some areas:

“We’ve done a lot of decent things today, we actually defended Field and French really well today.

“They’re a good team at full strength and we’re not.

“When you build something you have to expect some suffering.

“We have had a lot of challenges this year and we have tackled them really well.

“There is always things and need to change no matter where you are. We are going to have a different roster, Round One next year will look a lot different.

“We have backed a lot of players to improve and they will do.

“You have to front up to that.”

He also spoke about the fans: “The fans have been unbelievable through the highs and lows. Many of them were still cheering at the end and respecting the effort.

“The fans know what is going on and the transition going on.

“But there is a lot to do and it will take some time.”