Rohan Smith has his say on the media writing off Leeds Rhinos after opening defeats

After beating St Helens last week, it is vitally important for Leeds Rhinos to back that up with a win over Wakefield Trinity this week.

However, Rohan Smith has downplayed any of the narratives winning and losing can catalyse.

He did so when speaking to the media today reflecting on how the perception of Leeds Rhinos has changed in the opening few rounds.

He said: “After round one we were written off, after round two it was ‘come back next year’ kind of chat in the media and some fans. Then round three we play pretty well and compete very well against the best team in the world and all of a sudden we’re a good team again.

“You don’t change who you are as a team or what you’re capable of  in a week or two or three. It’s just a matter of bringing out what you’ve got and we’ll bring out what we’ve got on Friday.”

When asked if it frustrates him, Smith said: “It doesn’t frustrate me, I encourage players and other staff in our organisation to look within and not externally for the answers, because they don’t lie there.

“It’s for media and fans to have their opinions and that’s good, that’s why it’s a great game because everyone has an opinion and that’s why we love sport, because everyone is so engaged with it.

“All that is good but what we try and control is what happens inside the walls of our own place.”

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