Rohan Smith gives update on Kruise Leeming injury

Rohan Smith will be one of the happier coaches in Super League this weekend after his side stunned the Super League Champions St Helens.

But after the game he was shouted at by some less than happy Saints fans and speaking after the game he was asked how he was on Sky Sports saying: “Yeah I’m fine.

“It was a great win, St Helens are a great club, I feel we got them at the right time energyy wise, but I won’t take anything away from our guys.

“They are a quality club, they represented our competition so well in Australia. It is a shame that a few people can’t just celebrate the great game that it was I guess.”

Smith also gave his verdict on some key decisions which were likely the reason Saints fans were angry:

“The Sam Walters one, his arm wasn’t stuck t his side as the definition goes and the other player of ours was in the way so he coun’t wrap him up.

“I haven’t seen the Hurrell one, I was watching the ball.It was also the third time that someone got hit late. I haven’t looked at any of them.

“I thought it was a great game. It was a phenomenal effort

“What they have done going to Australia and coming back and beating Cas last night showed the class they have we needed every bit of energy tonight.”

Ultimately, Smith was delighted with his performance:

“It was a team performance , I love the way Austin serviced other players and created space and Aidan got his running game going in the end and he is very hard to stop.

“I have a lot of belief in them.”

The only downside to the win was the injury to Kruise Leeming who went off in agony after an ankle injury.

Smith said of him: “He is in a fair bit of pain. We will get him scanned and see where we’re at in the week.”

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