Rohan Smith on why Leeds Rhinos won’t have a captain in 2023

Leeds Rhinos’ pre-season has been very experimental.

Ash Handley played a lot at fullback, star young backrow Morgan Gannon has been playing in the halfbacks and most strange of all though is the fact that every kick-off Leeds have gone short.

Speaking at the Super League launch yesterday Smith confirmed we will see all of this in the new season including the bold tactic of kicking off short:

“Everything that we saw in the pre-season we will see some of in the season.

“Everyone talks about wanting to have possession, time in possession and completion rates so why wouldn’t you sometimes want to get the ball back from the kick off.

“Will we do it all the time? I don’t know. Maybe we will if we get good at it.”

He also had his say on the current Super League rules:

“My job is not to change rules or add rules but as coaches it is our job to inspire players to show players what they’ve got and make it a spectacle that they’ll want to watch.”

Meanwhile, Leeds star Cameron Smith was also at the event and spoke to Serious About Rugby League.

The loose-forward had his say on the way Leeds are experimenting even noting Leeds’ different approach with the captaincy in 2023 with Rohan Smith not naming one:

“That’s one way to approach it, it’s different and no one else is doing it. So why not also have as many people chip in as possible with the captaincy, as long as it’s quality we’re getting then I don’t see why not.”

This came as the Head Coach said this on the matter:

“You’d have to ask them. I spoke to a bunch of senior players before I went to the group and explained my thoughts and gave them the opportunity to ask questions or make comment and the door remains open for that to continue.

“There will be a weekly captain for the formalities of game day but we’re looking for collective leadership.”

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