Rohan Smith concedes he may need to change his game plan as he fears “disaster”

Leeds Rhinos boss Rohan Smith is fearful of “disaster” after their defeat to Castleford Tigers.

This is because the injuries in the middle are starting to pile up for the Rhinos with Sam Lisone, Zane Tetevano and Tom Holroyd all potentially out against Wakefield Trinity this week.

Thus, Smith has conceded he may need to change his game plan with regards to interchanges as he fears a further injury disaster.

“If you’re going to play more minutes, then you need to make sure that they don’t all get tired at the same time,” he said.

“So it can It can alter the interchange plan, but it also depends if you plan two edge back rollers and a hooker that can play 80 minutes that sort of takes the pressure off your middle unit as well.

“You can rotate them pretty pretty comfortably and at various times Cameron Smith has played 80 minutes as well.

“So for the two front rowers that pending injuries and other disaster it it takes the pressure off those guys to have to play for too long.

“But our middles have good motors and they can go when needed. So they all played a lot of game time against St Helens in various, either playing on the edge or playing in the middle above and beyond what they’d done before. So that was a positive thing going forward as well.”