Rohan Smith blasts Leeds Rhinos’ performance against Castleford Tigers

Rohan Smith naturally wasn’t in a good mood after his Leeds Rhinos side were beaten by Castleford Tigers at the Magic Weekend today.

For the first time since their opening day defeat to Warrington Wolves, Smith seemed to question his side’s performance.

As he assessed what went wrong, Smith said:

“Defensively, were you just not able to get hold of the pace and cut off early.

“Overall I thought it was a very slow game, but their shift plays had some energy to it. We just didn’t have the same or the usual level of connectedness and discipline and trust. So they created more opportunities than we would have liked to provide.
“I’m not concerned with managing the lead as much as playing good, solid, complementary footy where the attack helps the defence, the defence helps the attack and the transition stuff is strong.”
Then, as Smith was asked about injuries, he questioned his team’s display:
“Sometimes the result of the game can be influenced by who plays and who doesn’t, but the performance wasn’t of a standard tonight. I haven’t said that very often, but the performance wasn’t there, so I’m not going to count that for who wasn’t playing.”