Rohan Smith addresses situation around seemingly unhappy Leeds Rhinos star in Wakefield loss

There seems to be a lot of unrest at Leeds Rhinos and one player seemed very unhappy against Wakefield Trinity.

That was James Bentley who seemed very unhappy and frustrated when he was taken off towards the end of the game.

Smith was asked about this in his press conference.

He said: “I’d be more surprised if he was okay with it.

“You know he’s he’s a great competitor and if a player shows some frustration about being replaced, that’s no problem to me.

“In the end it’s about moving forward and on to the next task. But in that moment, you won’t be the first or the last player to be frustrated with being replaced.”

Smith also gave his overall reaction to the defeat:

“Huge disappointment. We let ourselves down. Against a very spirited team that have dug deep and competed hard all year.

“We just let ourselves down in that first half particularly. Not executing opportunities was the issue this week. It’s not always the same thing or the same person so we’ve got to keep chasing the answers.

“Today it was unforced errors in open space that probably hurt us the most, which is not a common issue. We made quite a few inroads in that first half, but just didn’t finish it off. Yeah, we’ve changed some things and improved a lot. When you have a numerical advantage, you’ve seen it this year, it doesn’t always make a difference.”