Rochdale confirm salary cuts

Rochdale Hornets have confirmed CEO Steve Kerr and Head Coach Matt Calland have agreed to a salary cut.

New club owner Andy Mazey confirmed the news in an address to the fans. However, he did confirm this was a temporary action.

In addition, all non-contracted staff have agreed to stay away from the club while the season is paused.

The rugby league season is currently suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mazey told the club website: “Financially, the club is solvent, but we are in the process of speaking to all creditors to help support our cashflow, whilst liaising with regulatory bodies for further support.

“It would be remiss of us to put our head in the sand and hope this goes away, the club is run as a business now and as a result, has to trade its way through this difficult situation.

“The sacrifices made by our people and our diligent planning as it stands ensures all players contracts will remain unchanged and our coaching staff are supporting the players with training programmes that they can implement at home.

“The coaching staff have been brilliant with the player engagement as they look to keep them fit and healthy until our return to playing.

“It has been inspiring to see everyone at the club making personal scarifies to see us through one of our biggest challenges to date.

“We have a really tight group who have bought into the remodelling of the club and its changed financial position as we look to ride through this completely unprecedented and unpredicted period.”

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