Rob Burrow to read CBeebies Bedtime Story

Former Leeds Rhinos legend Rob Burrow, who is suffering from Motor Neurone Disease, continues to break down barriers and will now take part in a Bedtime Story reading for the BBC.

The BBC have worked with Burrow a lot in the years since his diagnosis and helped to offer a platform to aid his fundraising efforts, which have been so brilliantly led by Kevin Sinfield – particularly his latest 7 in 7 Ultra challenge which BBC Breakfast detailed along the way.

Burrow was diagnosed with MND in December 2019 and the incurable disease has since taken Burrows’ voice muscles.

As a result of this Burrow uses technology to speak and he’s shown that, regardless of disability, he’s able to read and connect with his friends and family – inparticular his children.

Invited to read on Cbeebies Bedtime Story section, Burrow chose a book that relates to his tale of resilience and determination and was proudly watched on by his daughter as he told the story.

“I loved doing the Cbeebies Bedtime Story,” Burrow explained: “because it brought back so many memories of me reading stories to my own children.

“Reading is so important and is accessible to everyone no matter what disability you may have. I can no longer speak because MND has affected my speech muscles but it doesn’t stop me from reading to my three children.”

Burrow read the children the story ‘Tilda Tries Again’ which details a young girl attempting to overcome a series of obstacles.

He hoped that his appearance would inspire children to persevere but also lend some inspiration to children who also use technology to communicate.

Burrow had prefaced his story reading by explaining how and why he uses technology to speak.

“Hello, I’m Rob. I can’t use my voice in the way that maybe you can, which is why I use this computer to talk for me. I use my eyes to gaze or look at the words and it speaks for me. It’s like magic!”

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