Rob Burrow mural subject to mindless vandalism

Sadly the Rob Burrow mural at Leeds Beckett University has been subject to mindless vandalism.

The mural was painted in 2020 shortly after Burrow’s diagnosis as tribute to the Leeds legend as he began his fight against Motor Neurone Disease.

Now new pictures released by Yorkshire Evening Post have revealed that brown liquid has been splattered over the mural which Kevin Sinfield commonly runs past in his seven in seven challenges.

You can see the image here on YEP.

This is disappointing news especially after a similar incident in January when Leeds Hospitals Charity had to announce the sad and frustrating news that their ‘7 Stories of MND’ exhibition has been vandalised with one of the seven panels being targeted.

The charity launched the campaign back in November at Leeds Train Station and it will run until the weekend of the city’s marathon in May, named after the inspiration himself Rob Burrow.

They earlier tweeted the news that they’ve had to take action after one of the seven panels was removed.

All the information surrounding the initial launch of the campaign and why the seven stories of MND are so important can be found on the Leeds Hospitals Charity website, here, but it doesn’t need major explanation the campaign is just a touching and important tribute to those battling Motor Neurone Disease, that will also help raise awareness massively.

Burrow has been raising awareness of the neurological condition Motor Neurone Disease, or MND, ever since his diagnosis over three years ago in December 2019.

He immediately took to television alongside his best mate and former teammate, Kevin Sinfield, with the hope and ambition to raise awareness and money to battle the condition.

In the three years since Burrow has done just that and with the help and support of Sinfield, as well as the wider rugby league community, millions of pounds has been raised and MND is now being researched thanks to those funds.

What’s even more upsetting in regards to this act of vandalism is that it isn’t the first instance of such a crime perpetrated towards the former Leeds Rhinos’ legend.

There was even another incident before that. Just days after Burrow had earned his Sports Personality of the Year award that recognised his incredible spirit shown in the face of his diagnosis.

His purpose-built van, that allows vital access to him and his wheelchair, was subject to a similar act of vandalism, something that his Dad took to Twitter about in an appeal to achieve justice, as reported here.

At the time Burrow’s father, Geoff, revealed that the family were out for a meal in Castleford to enjoy the festive season and possibly to celebrate the SPOTY win when Burrow’s vehicle was subject to a “disgrace of a person” scratching the disability van.

Geoff tweeted: “Well oh well – my family went out, with my wonderful son Rob, for a lovely meal at Rockello’s in Glasshoughton Castleford tonight. Unfortunately a disgrace of a person decided to scratch all over Rob’s disability van. How low are some people hey! Sleep well you scum of a person.”

Nothing further has been reported regarding that incident but it’s an incredible shame that something so similar has happened, less than a month later, to the exhibition that Burrow inspired.

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