RLPA working towards restart date

The RLPA have said they remain committed to restart the NRL season on 28 May.

However, they do want certain clarification and assurances first.

They released a statement after reports players would refuse to train next week over welfare and pay concerns.

Chairman Clint Newton said discussions with the NRL are ongoing.

He said: “We are in ongoing discussions with the NRL and our members today regarding a range of employment matters that require clarification.

“We have requested further information and clear direction from the NRL and we are committed to continuing to work through this process in good faith.”

They then go on to list the things they want clarification for. It is mainly related to assurances over welfare of players and their families, as well as a confirmed revenue structure.

Finally, the association wants details of the government approval. Mainly in regards to training, travel and playing environment.

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