Rimmer excited for future of Women’s game

Chief Executive of the RFL Ralph Rimmer has said he is excited about the future of the Women’s game.

He spoke with our Women’s RL reporter, CJ Adams-Richardson at the recent GB Lions Luncheon.The women were invited for the first time.

CJ: “What a fantastic event and so many legends both male and female in one room. All the female players are thrilled to be invited to this event. Do you think we are will we be seeing more women at these sorts of events?

RR: “Every platform that I am on, I will be trying to get the women there and involved.

“I said on my speech earlier that 125 years ago, 22 white, grey suited men walked into a room like this and started the Lions history.

“Now with the ever so growing diversity of the game and with the women’s being at the pinnacle, we at the RFL wish to continue this inclusion.

CJ: “What are your thoughts on the developing women’s super league and plans for us in the future?”

RR: “I am massively passionate about all women’s rugby, over the last two seasons it’s become a tsunami. Its unbelievably exciting it’s not where I want it to be just yet, but I can see the goal now.

“When I was over in Australia for the PNG tour, I took the opportunity to speak with the England women on my thoughts of the future, and how we intend to develop them as a team and the women’s game in general.”

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