Richard Silverwood slams Steve Ganson’s time as Head of Match Officials

This morning, the Examiner Live reported that Steve Ganson had been stood down by the RFL.

This is subject to an internal review over an unspecified manner.

The former Super League official who oversaw the likes of the 2004 and 2009 Grand Finals has acted as Head of Match Officials at the RFL dealing with the likes of Catalans Dragons owner Bernard Guasch’s famous comments after the 2021 Grand Final pertaining to Liam Moore’s performance as St Helens defeated the Dragons.

Now though his future is up in the air and this news has prompted another former official, another with Grand Final experience such as in 2012, to come out and lay bare his criticism of Ganson in the role saying that the department has been “run by fear.”

“Only 8 years too late,” he said of the news, “This bloke has made many officials walk away from something they love. A department run by fear. Whilst a referee he was the king of banter and mischief. Then when boss he would have people suspended for things he did himself.”

He went on to claim that Ganson has prompted the loss of “outstanding officials” as he added:

“The amount of outstanding officials that have left due to Ganson is unreal. You can’t lose experience just like that. Look after what you have properly. Not a big queue wanting to be officials. The sport needs top experienced officials to thrive.”

It remains to be seen what will happen with this investigation but it is clear that Silverwood believes Ganson should not keep his role that’s despite some great referee performances in Super League in recent times.