Richard Marshall bemoans harsh refereeing calls in Castleford defeat

Salford slipped to their fourth defeat in five Super League games with a 28-18 loss against Castleford, and boss Richard Marshall was unhappy that his side fell away after initially impressing.

“I think there was a lot of good stuff in that game and we’re all bitterly disappointed about losing it in that manner with 12 men for a part of it,” Marshall said.

“We thought we had a decent innings especially in that first-half, but they he had a period of two tries in five minutes in which the game came away from us, but I thought there was a lot of improvement for us.

“We went toe-for-toe and more than matched them, but we couldn’t maintain it for 80 minutes.”

The Red Devils were once more on the wrong side of the penalty count and Marshall was frustrated with his side’s ill-discipline.

“I’m sick of our ill-discipline if I’m being quite honest; we do speak about it and we don’t want to be an ill-disciplined team.

“We’ve got to get the balance right between being a resilient and a stupid team, and some of our penalties are stupid, though I thought there were a few harsh calls against us in that game.

“We had a man sin-binned, but I’m not quite sure what the rules are concerning Peter Mata’utia’s tackle.

“We need better tackle technique – we had a few swinging arms and a couple of things like that.

“It was 9-4 the penalty count, but i did think we didn’t get a fair rub of the green on a couple of occasions.”

Marshall is hoping that the deflated performance will help his side going into next week against the same opponents.

“We’ve not showed our best, so hopefully they’ll go away and think they can just turn up next week.

“We’ve got to put in a completely different performance; we’ve got to look at what we did well in that first-half, but we then let them in with stupid errors.”

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