Richard Agar bemoans disciplinary outcome

Amongst all those charges handed out in the ill-tempered Leeds and Salford fixture at the weekend, were two for Alex Mellor and Tom Briscoe for “contact with the match official”.

Whilst Leeds boss Richard Agar knows the disciplinary committee are “applying the rules”, he didn’t feel there was enough in there to warrant a ban for Alex Mellor.

“I really don’t think we are an ill-disciplined team; we’ve got two blokes on charges for touching the referee, but I’m not sure it would have knocked the dandruff off his collar but they are applying the laws,” Agar said.

“The guys on the match review and the panel last night gave us a really fair hearing and they’ve got to stick to the rules, so unfortunately we lose Alex Mellor with a really tough period of fixtures – it’s a careless incident at best.”

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