RFL to update clubs on lockdown

The RFL have announced they will be speaking to their clubs about the latest government advice regarding the lockdown.

Rugby League has been suspended since March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

They have summarised three different points in the latest government advice that could have an impact on the sport.

Starting with Step One, which comes into effect on Wednesday. This will see the government lift restrictions on exercise and sport.

However, you can only play with members from your own household, so training sessions and the like will not be permitted.

Any activity that will see the opening of changing rooms or club houses will not  be allowed

The second step will possibly see sporting events be able to take place behind closed doors. This will be in place from 1st June.

Ahead of this step, the RFL will work with the Super League, clubs and player reps to discuss issues around hygiene, social distancing and testing.

Because of this, no date has been announced for the return of the game.

They also say fans may not be allowed into stadia significantly later into the process.

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