RFL sheds light on London situation

The news that London Broncos are set to go part-time from 2022 raised a few eyebrows in the Rugby League fraternity.

That is because of the reduced central funding after a reduction in £10-15 million divided between Super League and the other tiers.

Super League interim chairman Ken Davy says around £5m will be given to the RFL, who will then divide it up between Championship and League 1 clubs.

In a statement, Broncos said: “Financially, the club will be receiving a vastly reduced central distribution in 2022 and we have had to make changes to offset this reduction which has led to the decision that has been taken by the club.

“The London Broncos will increase the level of financial input into our highly successful Academy and Scholarship programme as well as work with the Community game in London and the South East to continue to develop professional rugby league players as we take the opportunity to restructure the club ahead of our planned move to Plough Lane in 2022.

“Off the field a huge amount of work is being undertaken in several areas to ensure that rugby league in London continues to thrive and that the Broncos are able to return stronger for a promotion push in seasons to come with a squad littered with home grown players and a solid supporter base in our new home.”

Now though, an RFL spokesman has addressed the issue exclusively with Serious About Rugby League.

“It’s a decision for the club. Most Championship clubs are already part time,” the spokesman said.

“London Broncos remain an integral and valued part of the Rugby League family, they continue to work hard off the field in developing the game in the south-east and have a new home at Plough Lane to look forward to in 2022.”

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1 month ago

An RFL spokesman, as Usual! says NOTHING! he just spued out words that mean nothing in a Failing Sport!

neil W
neil W
1 month ago

Expansion, creating a wider full time pool, supporting ambition has all gone now – how much are we paying the top table in RL, surely its not needed for a shrinking sport with no ambition and the member clubs can do the work of the CEO etc saving hundreds of thousands in the process