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RFL set to crackdown on called-off games with severe punishments

Super League clubs have been warned by the RFL that potential points deductions could occur if they call off matches in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage.

12 games have been postponed so far in 2021, with two of Sunday’s games called off under COVID protocols.

The Rugby Football League’s chief regulatory officer, Karen Moorhouse said there would be “significant sanctions” if clubs were attempted to gain an advantage.

“Clearly not fulfilling a match is a breach of the operational rules,” Moorhouse said.

“If there was any suggestion that they had done that to gain any sort of advantage there could be significant additional sanctions imposed.

“The range of sanctions by an operational rules tribunal range from a fine but could also include a deduction of points as an extreme example.

“This idea that a club would deliberately pick and choose which matches to play is just not the case. There would be significant compliance sanctions if anyone tried to go down that route.”

All 12 of England’s Super League clubs have had at least one fixture affected this term.

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