RFL release statement in support of Ukraine

At times like these, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, sport can seem like a small thing.

But on the flip side it can be a great, uniting force bringing people together in the face of adversity. Look at the stories of Rob Burrow, Mose Masoe and others and you will see how quickly the rugby league family comes together but following the invasion of Ukraine, the rugby league community has been forced to come together on an international level.

Across sport, we’ve seen organisations and teams show their support for Ukraine. Manchester City and Everton’s gestures in the Premier League were touching and the Champions League Final has now been moved from St Petersburg.

Now rugby league has stepped up with the RFL making a statement on social media about their support for Ukraine as well as their intention to work with International Rugby League to see a way forward.

They said: “The RFL has conveyed our support to the people of Ukraine through a personal message to Artur Martyrosian, the President of the Ukraine Rugby League.

“We admire their courage and strength, and we deplore the actions of the Russian Government. We will work with International Rugby League to determine suitable actions.”

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