RFL introduce new laws for 2022 including a ‘green card’

The RFL has introduced a green card ahead of the new 2022 rugby league season.

That green card will essentially remove a player from play for two minutes if they need play to be stopped for on-field medical treatment.

Not only that, but RFL Director Karen Moorhouse has called on all clubs to fulfil all fixtures in 2022.

Journalist, The Game Caller, revealed this from the RFL Operations Briefing this afternoon: “RFL Director Karen Moorhouse says that she fully expects all clubs to fulfil all fixtures in 2022. To protect the integrity of the competitions, if a club can’t fulfil a fixture, they will forfeit the game with a 48-0 loss and face a compliance investigation into the forfeiture.”

“There will also be financial compensation awarded to the home club if the away team fails to fulfil the fixture. The increase in awarding a 48-0 result (it was 24-0 last year) to the side affected by the forfeiture is to stop clubs from abusing the system.”

Former Super League full-time referee and now Director of Operations Robert Hicks explained how there will be a major crackdown on players that engage in punching, kicking or headbutting in a bid to protect players.

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John allanson
5 months ago

Hicks is turning our great game into a fairy’s game like him and child