RFL show intent handing out hefty bans

Following the unsavoury scenes witnessed at the Challenge Cup game between Fryston and Keighley, the RFL yesterday handed out a number of lengthy bans.

Keighley Cougars player Davey Dixon pleaded guilty to Grade A punching and was given a 1-match ban and £75 fine.

However, it was Fryston who were punished for their involvement in the brawl with the RFL distributing some of their longest suspensions this decade.

Steve Scott pleaded guilty to Grade F kicking/running in and punching and has been banned from Rugby League at all levels until June 30th.

Sean Gee pleaded guilty to Grade F running in and punching with a ban from Rugby League at all levels until May 2nd.

Andy Speake pleaded guilty to Grade D running in and punching, receiving a 4-match ban. Meanwhile Ben Strong (2 matches), Craig Jones and Jack Lee (both 1 match) were also suspended.

The bans underlined the RFL’s no nonsense approach to thuggish behaviour in our game and was a clear statement that, no matter what level of the game, this sort of behaviour is unacceptable.

Keighley’s Emmerson Whittal, who suffered a broken jaw in the mass brawl, had his case adjourned due to him not being medically fit to attend the hearing.