Reynolds opens up on media treatment

Hull FC’s new signing Josh Reynolds is used to the limelight, but sometimes it can all get too much.

The halfback faced his fair share of criticism in the media in Australia as well as from Wests fans, but he was keen to stress that’s part and parcel of the game, particularly back home.

“You’ve got to get used to it over there, everyone’s always after you; the media are always after you unless you’re one of their ‘love boys’.

“In saying that I signed for the Tigers on a four-year deal on pretty good money.

“The fans expected me to be on the field more, but injuries played a massive factor and I couldn’t help that, I didn’t want to get injured.

“I know when I did take the field I did my job and sometimes that wasn’t good enough.

“Selection obviously played a role, I just wasn’t Michael Maguire’s type of player.

“I’ve moved on and I’m really happy here.”

The halfback’s goals for 2021 are simple: win the competition.

“I want to play some consistent footy, I haven’t had a good solid season for a lot of years with injury and selection.

“I wanted to come over here and play week in week out and add something to this team.

“I’ve slotted in really well and I really think we’ve got a lot of potential. There were some really good glimpses against York, but we went away from what we are good at too.

“For us and for me, I want to win a comp that’s why I came over here.”

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