Revealed: What rugby union stars really think of rugby league

It is often said that there is a divide between rugby league and rugby union.

However, now former Castleford Tigers star and Great Britain international Graham Steadman has said that rugby union players love rugby league.

Speaking on BBC Five Live he explained why they can’t get enough of rugby league:

“They couldn’t get enough of it. The likes of Ronald O’Gara, Stringer, your scrum-halves, all the key pivotal players like Brian O’Driscoll, they would look at the deception plays and the detail of which league players would execute their plays and try and implement them into their game.

“Obviously it was different in terms of going back during that period and obviously playing three and four metres off the actual defensive line, you’ve got less time which to execute.

“But they could see the value in what the players were doing in rugby league, which they could then transfer into Union. They were very smart as well.”

He also spoke about what league can learn from union:

“I think when I look at tight games in League, I don’t think there’s enough emphasis put on goal kicking.

“I see these key invariables in stand-offs in union, like doing the goal-kicking, and the amount of time they put in after the session is complete as a squad, on their own in isolation, to actually then get their stats up to 80-85% success.

“I think it’s something the league players can have a good look at. Also when I see league players kicking for territory and field position, I think their execution of kicks and hitting that sweet spot can certainly be improved.

“I’ve had a chat over at York recently with Lindsay, the head coach of the women’s team, with a view to going over there and doing a little bit of work with the girls over there. She’s open to that and I’m going to follow it through.”