Revealed: What referee Marcus Griffiths said about Josh McGuire’s red card

Josh McGuire is one of the biggest and most exciting signings headed into the new Super League season.

A former NRL star and Australian international, he is the only player in Super League who is a World Cup winner having played in Australia’s Final win over England in 2017 which ended 6-0.

He has now joined the Warrington Wolves and is expected to shine in Super League.

However, a red card in Ben Currie’s testimonial against Leigh Leopards threw a spanner in the works.

Following this, he was charged with a Grade F offence of using unacceptable language.

The case was referred to a tribunal on Tuesday night and McGuire was found guilty of using language that would discriminate against the disabled.

He was banned for seven games and given a £1000 fine whilst the other man charged involved in the incident Tom Amone of Leigh was found not guilty.

Now further details of the case have become clearer and the RFL have released the Match Report from referee Marcus Griffiths which says:

“In the 71st minute of the game, Warrington Wolves number 11 Ben Currie scored a try. After the try was awarded numerous players from both sides came together exchanging insults. At this point I witnessed Warrington Wolves number 13 Josh McGuire use unacceptable language relating to disability. He was then dismissed from the field.”

The RFL have also outlined the reasons why they sided with the referee in this matter:

The Match Review Panel see no reason to disbelieve the referee.

Mr Griffiths is clear that he says he witnesses Mr McGuire say the words.

This amounts to Unacceptable Language based on disability pursuant to the RFL’s definition as per the Operational Rules.

Word used is derogatory and negative – term of abuse and disparagement towards disabled individuals and squarely falls under RFL’s definition of Unacceptable Language.

The Panel believed that Mr McGuire’s actions were unnecessary, against the true spirit of the game and brings the game into disrepute.

In accordance with the RFL’s On Field Sentencing Guidelines, the Panel consider that such offence is a breach of Law 15.1(f) – Verbal abuse based on race, colour, religion, gender, sexual preference, disability, national or ethnic origin or any other form of Unacceptable Behaviour or Language.

Zero Tolerance approach of RFL towards such cases.

Verbal abuse based on disability is unacceptable and has no place in the sport of Rugby League or society.

Mr McGuire’s standards have fallen below what is expected of a player and amount to Misconduct.

Education to form part of any sanction imposed.

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