Revealed: What percentage of votes do IMG need to introduce licencing

Clubs and other members of the Rugby League Council were yesterday informed of changes to the club grading criteria for the Reimagining Rugby League proposals, under which clubs will be rewarded for the extent of their community engagement.

Following extensive consultation with clubs and Community Rugby League representatives in the weeks since the proposals were first presented to Council on March 9, the Catchment category has been renamed “Community” and will include points under the proposed model for clubs’ positive impact in the communities in which the sport is based and played.

Such activity will be worth up to 2.5 points of the maximum 20 on offer and therefore carries a significant impact, and will now combine each club’s fanbase potential with a rating for their Foundation – the charitable bodies linked to clubs which drive much of their community and participation activity.

This will be measured on the Foundation’s turnover, with a maximum of 1 point available – and the previous Catchment category now worth a maximum of 1.5 points (having previously been up to 2 points).

The Finance pillar will now carry a maximum of 4.5 points, compared to the original 5.

There has also been a small amendment to the Digital section of the Fandom pillar, with a greater emphasis on overall engagement.

This sets up the vote nicely which will take place on the 19th April.

But how many votes do IMG need to see their ideas introduced?

Well, speaking yesterday, RFL CEO Tony Sutton revealed they just need a basic majority of 51%.

“It’s an ordinary resolution which is a simple majority so when I was at school that’s better than 50% of the votes cast,” he said.

“Also that voting system, which is embedded in the articles of the RFL and how RFL meetings and resolutions are run, has been in place since 2006.

“None of us here have been around long enough to remember why that change was made so it’s not a recent change.

“It’s an ordinary resolution which means 51% technically is the majority required.”

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