Revealed: What Josh Charnley said at Josh McGuire tribunal

Josh McGuire has received a mammoth 12 match ban and a £1000 fine for his Grade F charge for unacceptable language.

The Warrington Wolves star was charged for something he allegedly said to Leigh Leopards winger Josh Charnley.

At the tribunal, Charnley gave evidence and the following is a summation of what Charnley said about the incident to the panel.

The RFL’s minutes read:

“The Tribunal had carefully considered the evidence of Mr Charnley. The Tribunal found him to be an impressive, credible and balanced witness. His account coincided with the footage which showed his reaction to the words said. He was categoric as to what he had heard.

“The Tribunal was satisfied that there was no realistic possibility of fabrication by Mr Charnley. It was clear he took no pleasure in making the accusation but felt compelled to do so having regard to the seriousness of the offence. Mr Charnley was clear that he is indifferent about most insults and bad language used in a tempestuous game but the words being personal to a member of his family gave him no alternative but to report the matter and he did so as soon as reasonably possible. The Tribunal concluded that any suggestion of fabrication was fanciful as was mishearing what was said.”