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Revealed: Inside look at Super League players meeting with the RFL from Ian Watson

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Huddersfield Giants boss Ian Watson has provided an inside look at the meetings between the RFL and the players and coaches in the Betfred Super League.

Watson confirmed that coaches generally believe things are going the right direction but they just feel there are a few teething issues highlighted by the Fa’amanu Brown incident.

Speaking to BBC Radio Leeds, Watson said: “There was nothing set in stone in the meeting and they’re going to go away and discuss it all and then come back to us but the overall consensus was that things are going in the right direction.

“I think, there’s just been a few teething problems like you’ve seen with the Fa’amanu Brown one. But that was cleared up by the match review panel and using a little common sense. It was a fruitful conversation.”

Watson added: “We felt it just wasn’t right throwing everything out of the window. We have to get rid of head highs and head contacts. We’re all aware of that. But there’s just been some teething problems.

“Hopefully those are rectified with these meetings and everyone being open. That’s the good thing this year. To have this meeting just two weeks in and hear everyone’s feelings about where we all are is a positive sign.”

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Watson also revealed what happened with the Super League players meeting from his captain Luke Yates.

Watson revealed: “He said it was about three hours long and the players were discussing what they felt they need. It was a general discussion.

“These kind of forums have not really been open in the past. That’s a good thing from the RFL that they are opening it up now and having discussions with players and coaches.

“It’s no good people making decisions on the game when they don’t run it by the people.

“They don’t understand what it’s about, so getting the insight of the players and people on the frontline is massively important. This week has been really positive for the game having this dialogue.”

Watson is always outspoken and his honesty here should be appreciated on all sides of the debate.

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