REPORTS: Magic Weekend to return to Newcastle?

Magic Weekend could be set to return to Newcastle in 2020 after Super League clubs voted in favour of going back to Tyneside, according to Total RL.

A recommendation was reportedly made to take the event back to Anfield for a second consecutive year, however top-flight clubs voted in force to take it back to St James’ Park, a venue which has delivered the three highest attendances since its conception in 2007.

Anfield received mixed reviews from fans this year, with many complaints surrounding it’s proximity to the city centre in comparison to St James’ Park.

However it now seems that Super League and RFL will be forced to go in favour of the fans and take Magic back to Newcastle.

Reports also suggest that the event will be held on Bank Holiday weekend once again, which will likely see another rise in attendance figures.

Recent years have seen Magic Weekend take place the weekend before Bank Holiday, with the Championship Summer Bash instead taking the Bank Holiday slot.